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Closeup of a Black Dog


Laundromutt is a full service salon located in between Monticello and Big Lake MN that makes your pet’s experience and appearance our #1 priority! We offer a warm, relaxing environment where your four legged friend can enjoy his or her grooming experience. Whether you just need a bath and brush or the whole works for Fido, we are your one stop shop for all of your grooming needs!

Our Goals

Image by Victor Grabarczyk
Dog's Portrait
Image by Ivana La

No job is too big or too small, here we are always trying new techniques and are as accommodational as possible

Made up of a team of professionals, Laundromutt strives to be a source of information and inspiration

To provide a clean and friendly salon that offers relaxation and comfort for your dog

Laundromutt prides on high quality experiences for you and your pooch no matter the service

Enjoying the Wash

Why is Dog Grooming Important?

Bringing your dog in for their groom on a regular basis is essential! To prevent creation of matts, buildup of compacted hair, weak and splitting nails, and even possible skin problems, bring them into Laundromutt for the quality care they deserve to keep them fresh and comfortable!

Trimming the Fur

Why Choose Laundromutt?

Trusting a stranger with your pet isn’t something that should be taken lightly. That’s why we make effort and time to get to know your dog so you can feel confident moving forward with us as your dedicated grooming salon. You can trust Laundromutt to go beyond giving your dog a groom, but an enriching experience they can enjoy.


Rhonda Arvold

I have been to Laundromutt several times and each time is a positive experience. They are friendly, reasonably priced, and have great customer service! They are great about accommodating walk up services and do a great job! I highly recommend their business!

Kymberli Bourdon

If David Blaine were to start grooming dogs, this is where he'd work. Whatever they do here, it's magical. My Shepherd was terrified of groomers ever since we had a really bad experience elsewhere, and not only were they able to groom him, but he looked like a different dog! Our family LOVES this place and all the magic that they do!

Morgan Sawatzke

This place is the best! They are real, genuine people who love dogs and are great at what they do. I know they take wonderful care of my pup, not to mention he comes home looking beautiful. I recommend this place to everyone.

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